Review Of The 1st Jackpot Casino Tunica Sportsbook

Tunica in northern Mississippi is known around the country as one of the premier destinations for vacationers and gambling aficionados alike, so the addition of legal Mississippi sportsbooks in the area is big news indeed. Our review of the 1st Jackpot Tunica sportsbook takes a deeper diver into some of the main questions on the mind of many prospective bettors looking to get in the action of wagering on their favorite teams and players. We aim to provide all the information you need regarding the sportsbook’s intended grand opening, the kinds of bets likely to be available (and the sports you will be able to bet on), as well as crucial components of modern sports wagering like betting using your smartphone or a proxy betting service.

Where you are visiting from elsewhere in the Hospitality State or driving into Tunica from nearby cities like Memphis across the state line in Tennessee, the 1st Jackpot Casino has something for everyone, living up to its name with a massive gaming space and a newly renovated sports betting lounge. However, you will want to have a good idea of what you are getting into while planning your trip, as the 1st Jackpot is strictly a casino – there is no attached hotel or resort to stay at or to provide you with other things to do when you aren’t betting on sports, so it is worthwhile to weigh all your options. We took care of all the research for you, so sit back and enjoy our review – maybe you’ll learn something valuable before you head up to Tunica Resorts to win big at the 1st Jackpot Casino sportsbook.

Is The 1st Jackpot Casino Tunica Sportsbook Open For Business?

The truth is that none of the newly minted Mississippi sportsbooks, including the one at the popular Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel, are actually open for business right now. Now that the US Supreme Court has voted in May of 2018 to overturn the longstanding Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) and the state of Mississippi has legalized wagering on sports since early 2017, it cannot be said that there are any legal barriers standing in the way of the Tunica Roadhouse opening a sportsbook. For that reason, we do not expect there to be too much of a delay before this popular destination gets its new sports betting product up and running by the end of the summer at the very latest.

If you are reading this heretofore glowing review of the Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel sportsbook and you simply can’t bear to put off betting on your favorite teams right this instant, we have a solution for you. Just head over to any number of legal offshore sportsbook sites based in foreign countries but serving Mississippi residents and you will not have to worry about running into trouble with the law. We tend to think that Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI and 5Dimes are the best out of these elite sites due to their combination of reliability, security, speedy deposits, plenty of deposit options and some of the best betting odds you are going to find anywhere.

Does The 1st Jackpot Casino Tunica Sportsbook Offer Full Service Betting?

Unfortunately, none of the newly minted Mississippi sportsbooks are currently open for business, and that means that neither is the 1st Jackpot Casino Tunica sportsbook. If you, like many of our readers, have been keeping up with the goings on in Washington, D.C. and at the state legislature in Jackson, then that might come as a surprise. While it is true that the US Supreme Court in May of 2018 voted to overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), and lawmakers in Mississippi amended the state sports betting law to allow the activity back in 2017, that does not mean that sportsbooks in the Magnolia State are up and running yet.

The fact is that Mississippi, even though it has a good deal of experience gained over several decades in the casino gambling business, does not have as much institutional knowhow when it comes to offering action on sports. In real terms that means that the prospective and eventual sportsbook operators are doing their due diligence in an effort to make sure that when they do open the doors on their new sports wagering product that it is the best it possibly can be for their loyal customers. At any rate, we do not expect that the wait will be much longer, and for the purposes of this review of the 1st Jackpot Casino sportsbook, we think a launch date of the middle of the summer of 2018 is the most probable outcome.

Does The 1st Jackpot Casino Tunica Sportsbook Offer Full Service Betting?

Once it is well and truly open for business, the 1st Jackpot Casino Tunica sportsbook will offer full service betting, just like all other Mississippi sportsbooks once they get all the kinks worked out. Mississippi’s sports betting legalization legislation is particularly good in this regard, making it possible for linemakers and sportsbooks to offer betting lines on all the major professional sports (NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL), as well as the US PGA Tour, boxing and mixed martial arts contests, auto racing series like NASCAR and so on. However, considering that Mississippi is right in the heart of college football country, it is especially relevant to point out in our review of the 1st Jackpot Casino Tunica sportsbook that the ‘book will have a full suite of collegiate sports on the betting boards too.

As for the different kinds of betting lines you will be able to use once you’ve chosen your favorite sport upon which to place a wager (or several), you ought to find what you are looking for at the 1st Jackpot Casino. Available wager types include all the usual varieties that you might expect to see at any elite tier sportsbook, such as moneylines, against the spread odds (ATS), over/under bets on the combined total score, futures, special betting lines, player props and team props. There are also pleasers, teasers, season-long parlays and other ways to bet as well, so you can be sure to maximize your winning potential when visiting the new sportsbook at the 1st Jackpot Casino sportsbook in Tunica Resorts.

Can You Place Bets On Sports Using Your Smartphone?

Although the 1st Jackpot Casino’s sportsbook is gearing up to be one of the most promising – and potentially among the most profitable of the newly opened Mississippi sportsbooks, but one thing you will not be able to do to a great degree is bet on sports using your smartphone or other mobile device. That is not to say that mobile sports betting via Android and Apple smartphone or tablet is not permitted, it is only that the scope of mobile betting is limited in accordance with Mississippi state sports betting law and the accompanying regulatory measures. According to the Hospitality State’s laws and regs, mobile sports betting at gambling locations equipped with sportsbook operations is allowed to take place only inside the main facility housing the ‘book – that means parking lots and garages at the 1st Jackpot Casino are off limits.

If you want to enjoy placing wagers on your favorite teams and players using your smartphone, we recommend that you check out one or all of the following legal offshore sportsbook sites serving Mississippi residents:,,, and Those top tier sites balance reputability and insanely good odds on all sports with the latest features of 21st century sportsbooks and are sure to fill a niche left wide open by the Mississippi sportsbooks for now. We suggest for readers of our review of the 1st Jackpot Casino Tunica sportsbook to give these industry leading foreign-operated sites a try while we all wait on Mississippi to change its stance on mobile betting expansion.

Does The 1st Jackpot Casino Tunica Sportsbook Offer Proxy Betting?

Proxy betting services are always a contentious issue, especially seeing as the entire reason for the existence of this cottage industry is to attempt to circumvent the prohibitions against wagering businesses accepting bets or even information about bets via the telephone, the internet or even a telegraph. Pretty much all wired forms of communication systems are off the table under the provisions of the Federal Wire Act of 1961, but only gambling businesses are explicitly barred from accepting wagers via those means. As there are no specific penalties imposed on individual bettors under this longstanding federal law, many sportsbooks and other sports wagering operations around the country – particularly in Las Vegas – either already accept or even offer proxy betting for their customers.

However, we will conclude this review of the 1st Jackpot Casino Tunica sportsbook by saying that – for the time being anyway – we do not recommend that our readers try to take advantage of anyone offering proxy betting services. Unless the Mississippi gaming authorities issue a ruling that says bettors from out of state can make use of proxy betting, we say steer clear. It’s just not worth the risk of running into trouble with the law, what with the arrival of Mississippi sportsbooks like the one at the 1st Jackpot Casino imminent.

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