Review Of Harlow’s Casino Resort Sportsbook

If you are looking for a unique place to wager on sports, a spot that doesn’t go in for all the gaudy trappings of some modern gaming facilities, then Harlow’s Casino Resort might just be for you. Over the course of our preparation for this review of Harlow’s Casino Resort sportsbook, our research turned up some interesting facts as well as the answers to more than a few pressing questions on the mind of veteran sports bettors and newcomers to the hobby alike. Harlow’s claim to fame is its 1930s stylings, which emphasize an Art Deco theme that recalls echoes of all the most famous years of Hollywood’s Golden Age while looking forward to the future greatness promised by the arrival of legal Mississippi sportsbooks.

Our review of the Harlow’s Casino Resort sportsbook will include details on the eventual opening date of the ‘book and the sports that will have action offered by the experienced bookies working there as well as a sample of the different types of wagers that are likely to be available. Finally, we will attempt to address two issues that might be a bit controversial: the issue of the somewhat limited nature of legal mobile sports betting at Mississippi sportsbooks and the matter of whether or not proxy betting will be accepted or even offered by Harlow’s and other sportsbooks in the same position. All that information and more is available without the hassle of having to look it up for yourself in our review of Harlow’s sportsbook.

Is The Harlow’s Casino Resort Sportsbook Open For Business?

It’s unfortunate to have to being a review of the Harlow’s Casino Resort sportsbook with a disclaimer like this, but the truth is that the betting shop there is not yet open for business. That is the same story across the state of Mississippi, as none of the newly minted Mississippi sportsbooks have opened their doors as yet, which might be a little hard to believe if you have been following the goings on in Washington in the chambers of the US Supreme Court or coming out of the state legislature in Jackson.

The SCOTUS justices returned a majority decision to repeal the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), it’s true, and it is also the case that the Mississippi legislature passed a law to legalize sports betting and the regulatory measures to go along with it, but there are also technical considerations to getting the launch of a major new gaming offering like a sports betting outlet open the right way. We can safely say that the cause for the delay in the sportsbooks’ rollout has more to do with getting the timing down and making sure all the bugs are worked out than any legal obstacles in the way.

Does The Harlow’s Casino Sportsbook Offer Full Service Betting?

Once the Harlow’s Casino Resort Sportsbook gets up and running it will offer full service betting in the truest sense of the phrase. Mississippi state sports betting law provides for sportsbooks to be able to offer action to customers that covers all major sports leagues (the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL are all represented), along with the US PGA Tour, boxing and mixed martial arts events, Major League Soccer matches and even auto racing series such as NASCAR, the Formula 1 Championship and others. Additionally, you will find the betting boards loaded with plenty of choices when it comes to college sports of all kinds – and this is especially important in Mississippi, where fans love football more than their own children (we’re kidding, of course, but only kind of).

As for the different types of wagers that you can place on any of those sports listed above, the Harlow’s sportsbook has you covered with all the favorites like moneylines, against the spread (ATS) odds, combined total scores (over/under), pleasers, teasers, futures, special betting lines and the like. No matter what kind of wagers you want to place, the sportsbook at the Harlow’s Casino Resort is definitely going to have you covered during your stay at this trip into the Golden Age of Hollywood. The point is that there are bound to be plenty of chances to win big if you can successfully pick the winners at this leading example of one of the newest Mississippi sportsbooks.

Can You Use Your Mobile Device To Bet On Sports?

No review of the Harlow’s Casino Resort sportsbook could be completed without at least making a mention of what could be considered one of the few downsides to the newly minted Mississippi sportsbooks industry – that being the relatively limited scope of mobile sports betting allowed by the Magnolia State’s sports betting law. Legislators in the Hospitality State consciously decided to prevent visitors to the casinos at which sports betting would be offered from using the sportsbook apps offered by those wagering outlets if they are outside of the main facility. That means you would not, for example, be able to place bets on sports using your smartphone or other similar mobile device if you are in one of the Harlow’s many parking lots or parking garages.

This is definitely not one of the selling points of the Mississippi sports betting law, but when one considers the constrained form of mobile wagering that is allowed in the context of the time period in which the law was passed, it all makes a lot more sense. Mississippi being a deeply conservative state when it comes to social issues, there were many politicians that, while they wanted to pass sports betting reform, they were nevertheless cognizant of the need to keep young people from engaging in sports betting while still under the legal age to do so.

It is worth pointing out that there is nothing in the law that makes this state of affairs the permanent situation, meaning that lawmakers in the Magnolia state can easily revisit the issue at a later date. Given the circumstances under which they were working at the time, we think it was a fairly reasonable compromise to make for the sake of passing sports betting expansion.

Does The Harlow’s Casino Resort Sportsbook Accept Proxy Betting?

Before we get around to concluding our review of the Harlow’s Casino Resort sportsbooks, we should probably clarify some of the details surrounding businesses referred to as “proxy betting services.” If you stick around the sports betting scene long enough you will run into individuals that will advocate for using a proxy to place your bets in a state where sports betting has been legalized if you live out of state, but we are here to tell you that this may not be the best idea, all things considered. For one thing, proxy services – even though they are allowed in Nevada – basically exist as an attempt to circumvent the prohibitions the Federal Wire Act of 1961 (which is still in effect to this day, even if PASPA is now null and void thanks to the Supreme Court’s May 2018 decision to overturn it).

The Wire Act specifically forbids gambling related businesses from accepting wagers over any form of wired communications system, and that includes the telephone, the internet, even telegraph wires. By engaging the services of a proxy betting service, you yourself may not be violating the law, as the Wire Act does not explicitly penalize individual bettors, but your patronage may contribute to that company breaking the law. With all that being said, for the purposes of this review of the Harlow’s Casino Resort sportsbook, we recommend that you do your wagering at a legal offshore sports betting site like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI or 5Dimes over using a proxy betting service – there is no chance of running afoul of the law that way, even if you live outside of the Hospitality State.

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