Review Of The Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel Open Sportsbook

Owned and operated by Vici Properties and the world-famous Caesars Entertainment, the Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel is one of the most unique gaming experiences to be found in the popular tourist destination that is the town of Tunica Resorts. While many other future sites of Mississippi sportsbooks have themes from the golden age of Hollywood to a generic “high roller” resort style, the subject of our Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Resort sportsbook does things by its own set of rules. Modeled, as our astute readers might imagine, on the basis of a rough and tumble roadside bar, the Tunica Roadhouse is marketed as a place where locals and visitors alike can “get wild” while enjoying some of the best betting in the region, already one of the nation’s premier gambling destinations.

However, with so many new people likely to be heading into town due to the imminent opening of sports betting outlets across the Magnolia State, there is a great deal of interest in learning more about the sportsbook scene in Tunica, hence our review of the Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel sportsbook. We will go over various questions pertaining to the legal situation facing sports betting in Mississippi, from the opening date of the sportsbooks as well as the different types of sports to bet on and the different wager types available. Finally, we will do our best to answer questions relating to important matters like the possibility for mobile sports betting at Mississippi sportsbooks as well as if proxy betting is allowable or not – all that and more is available here in our review, so read on for more information.

Is The Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel Sportsbook Open For Business?

The truth is that none of the newly minted Mississippi sportsbooks, including the one at the popular Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel, are actually open for business right now. Now that the US Supreme Court has voted in May of 2018 to overturn the longstanding Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) and the state of Mississippi has legalized wagering on sports since early 2017, it cannot be said that there are any legal barriers standing in the way of the Tunica Roadhouse opening a sportsbook. For that reason, we do not expect there to be too much of a delay before this popular destination gets its new sports betting product up and running by the end of the summer at the very latest.

If you are reading this heretofore glowing review of the Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel sportsbook and you simply can’t bear to put off betting on your favorite teams right this instant, we have a solution for you. Just head over to any number of legal offshore sportsbook sites based in foreign countries but serving Mississippi residents and you will not have to worry about running into trouble with the law. We tend to think that Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI and 5Dimes are the best out of these elite sites due to their combination of reliability, security, speedy deposits, plenty of deposit options and some of the best betting odds you are going to find anywhere.

Does The Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel Sportsbook Offer Full Service Betting?

Tunica Roadhouse Casino and & Hotel sportsbook will definitely offer full service betting as soon as it opens its doors to take customer’s business. Full service as a terms means different things to different people, but by our estimation (and for the purposes of this review of the Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel sportsbook) full service sportsbooks are those that offer betting lines on most if not all sports and have multitudinous wager types available as well. By that metric, the Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel’s sports betting outlet will definitively qualify as a full service betting shop, with odds on all major sports (including NBA, MLB, NBA, NFL as well as the US PGA Tour, auto racing series, pro tennis and even combat sports) and especially collegiate sports, principally football.

As for the different methods for betting that Mississippi sportsbooks like the one that is soon to open up at the Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel, all the most common and popular varieties of wagers are for sure going to be offered on the betting boards. You will be able to choose between moneyline odds, against the spread (ATS) betting lines, combined total points odds (more commonly referred to as over/under odds), season long parlays, special betting odds, team and player proposition odds, alternative lines and many more. The point is, of course, that picking winners at the Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel can be just as much fun as riding the mechanical bull on the main gaming floor – hey, this is a real roadhouse we are talking about, after all!

Can You Place Bets On Sports Using Your Smartphone Or Tablet?

If we had to identify one negative in our review of the Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel sportsbook it would have to be that, while you can place bets on sports using your smartphone or tablet, there are some fairly substantial restrictions as to where you will be able to actually place your wagers. In the case of the newly minted Mississippi sportsbooks discussed here and elsewhere on the site, players can access free to download mobile sports betting apps at the casino, but you will need to be in the casino itself before you can actually use it. What that means in practical terms is that parking lots and garages are off limits, even if they are technically on the Tunica Roadhouse property.

It kind of goes without saying, but these restrictions mean that a prospective player would not be able to use any sports betting app anywhere else in the state of Mississippi or other states around the country either. While these prohibitions are certainly less than ideal, considering all the advantages that sports betting enthusiasts in the Magnolia State will now soon be able to enjoy, it is easy to see why Mississippi’s lawmakers made such a concession. Basically, there was a section of the legislature that was only in favor of sports gambling expansion if there were more extension protections in place to prevent underage people from having unfettered access to sports betting via their smartphones.

Does The Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel Allow Proxy Betting?

Proxy betting – that is, contracting a business service to place bets in your stead – is a slightly controversial topic. That is considering that proxy betting services basically exist solely in order to get around the prohibitions placed on using a wired communication network like a telephone or an internet connection to make a bet on sports across state lines. However, there is nothing in Mississippi’s state gambling law or its associated regulations that would require any of the state’s new sportsbooks to ban proxy betting services.

Due to the ambiguity here – Nevada’s sportsbooks definitely do allow proxy betting to take place – we can’t say with any degree of certainty whether or not the Tunica Roadhouse will allow customers to use services of this kind. However, by way of concluding our review of the Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel, we would recommend against using a proxy betting service until the state regulatory body issues an official proclamation or opinion saying yay or nay.

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