Review Of The Resorts Casino Tunica Sportsbook

When tiny Robinsonville, MS, renamed itself to Tunica Resorts so that visitors to the northern Mississippi gaming mecca could more easily find the place on their maps it was because of places like the appropriately named Resorts Casino Tunica. As this fine facility, with its generously sized gaming floor and generously appointed rooms, is one of the biggest names on Tunica’s so called “Casino Strip,” we felt it was appropriate to include a review of the Resorts Casino Tunica sportsbook that is due to open any day now. Although the long-running gaming spot has gone through several names throughout its history – first opening in the Mississippi gambling boom of the early 1990s as the Southern Belle Casino and later under new ownership as the Harrah’s Tunica Mardi Gras Casino – the Resorts Tunica Casino is expected to gain even more public notoriety now that the imminent arrival of legal Mississippi sportsbooks is at hand.

However, even though the town of Tunica Resorts already has hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, the addition of sports betting outlets throughout the Magnolia State is sure to drive those numbers even higher as time goes on and as more sportsbooks get up and running. With so many new bettors and veteran sports gamblers expected to pay a visit to north Mississippi to get in on the action, we figured it would be a good idea to do the research and put together this review of the Resorts Casino Tunica sportsbook for the benefit of everyone looking to wager on their favorite teams, players and sporting events. We will go over several areas of interest regarding this new addition to the growing roster of Mississippi sportsbooks, from the expected opening date of the betting shop to the kinds of bets and the various wager types that will be available. We also aim to take a look at whether or not mobile sports betting or proxy betting will be a reality in MS, so check out our quick but comprehensive review for all that crucial information and more.

Is The Resorts Casino Tunica Open For Business?

We are literally counting down the days until Mississippi sportsbooks all over the Magnolia State open their doors and start taking wagers from sports bettors. However, for now at least, the Resorts Casino Tunica is not open for business. That being said, there are no legal impediments holding up the grand opening of what is sure to become one of the best sports betting outlets in the state of Mississippi except for the final approval of the proposed regulatory measures being considered by Hospitality State lawmakers. Sports betting legislation was passed at the state level back in 2017, and the US Supreme Court returned a majority decision to overturn the longstanding Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) in May of 2018, leaving the decision as to whether or not sports wagering should be legal to the individual states for the first time in a generation.

What this means in practical terms (and for the purposes of our review of the Resorts Casino Tunica) is that, while this new casino sportsbook is not yet open for business as of this writing, there are no indications coming out of the state legislature in Jackson that sports betting fans are in for a long wait at all. In all likelihood we are probably looking at a rollout date sometime by the middle of the summer at the latest for the Resorts Casino Tunica sportsbook. And, even better, it is still highly possible that the grand opening could be much sooner – it all comes down to the 25-day window permitted for public hearings on the proposed regulations and how those rules go over in the legislature.

Does The Resorts Casino Tunica Offer Full Service Betting?

A term that gets bandied about all the time in sports betting circles is “full serving betting” – and if you hang around in Las Vegas or in Tunica, or pretty much anywhere bets are taken, then the chances are good that you will come across it eventually. In the context of our review of the Resorts Casino Tunica sportsbook, we can definitively say that the Resorts Casino Tunica will offer full service betting in the truest sense of the terminology – but just what does “full service betting” mean in this case? For starters, full service betting means that the sportsbook so described will offer action on just about every sport (if not every single sport) a bettor can conceivably think of, from professional to college athletic events. Additionally, sports bettors will have access to all manner of wager types and the best possible odds on every event found on the betting boards.

Suffice it to say that our review of the Resorts Casino Tunica indicates that all of the above criteria to be classified as a true full service betting outlet. This is due not just to the dedication on the part of the linesmakers and bookies at the betting shop, but rather the full serving part is baked right in from the start thanks to the intentions of the Magnolia State’s lawmakers that were in favor of sports betting expansion. For example, the state’s sports betting legalization procedure involved authorization for Mississippi sportsbooks to offer betting lines of all types from moneylines to against the spread odds to specials, props, teasers, pleasers, parlays and over/unders. Best of all, you can do your best picking winners in all the most popular sports for Mississippi residents, from the major pro sports leagues (NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB, US PGA Tour) to other favorites like auto racing series (NASCAR, Formula 1, IndyCar, etc.) and even Major League Soccer, the summer and winter Olympic Games. College sports are also expected to be well represented across the betting boards once the new Mississippi sportsbooks get off the starting line in a few weeks’ time.

Can You Place Wagers On Sports Using A Mobile Device?

If we had to isolate one area in our review of the Resorts Casino Tunica sportsbook that is less than ideal, then that would definitely be in the area of how mobile sports betting – pretty much where the entire sports wagering industry is heading in the modern day – is actually quite limited by law in MS. Mississippi sportsbooks will allow their customers to have access to free downloadable mobile sports betting apps and will also make it so that you can place wagers on sports using a mobile device, but only on the inside of the casinos that the respective sportsbooks are located. What this means for our readers interested in heading to Tunica Resorts to get in on the sports betting action is that the parking lots and garages at the Resorts Casino Tunica are going to be off limits if you want to place wagers using your Android or Apple smartphone.
Though we cannot easily deny that this limited approach to mobile sports betting legality is a disadvantage, comparatively speaking – some other states with legal sportsbooks make their mobile betting apps available anywhere inside the state lines - it is worth pointing out that this approach was intended from the start. Mississippi, true to its nature as a deeply socially conservative Deep South State, tempered its adoption of sports betting expansion with a desire to keep mobile betting access out of the hands of minors. This decision was actually a bit of a shrewd and practical political move, as limiting the scope of mobile betting helped keep the Hospitality State’s lawmakers out of a protracted internecine fight that some other, competing states found themselves in when it came time to pass sports betting legislation of their own.

Does The Resorts Casino Tunica Accept Proxy Betting?

Proxy betting is sometimes a controversial topic in the gambling scene although most of the country’s major sports betting markets turn a blind eye to the practice or even tacitly allow it, as is the case at the casino sportsbooks on the Las Vegas Strip. As for our review of the Resorts Casino Tunica sportsbook, we cannot definitively say one way or another whether or not proxy betting will be allowed, though Mississippi sports betting law does not expressly forbid its sportsbook operators from accepting proxy betting. Our advice for readers of this review and even more so for actual visitors to the Resorts Casino Tunica and other Tunica Resorts casinos with Mississippi sportsbooks is to hold off on using a proxy betting service for the time being – at least until lawmakers issue a clearer ruling on the legality of proxy betting.

If you are an out of state player looking to enjoy some of or most of the advantages inherent to Mississippi sportsbooks, you could certainly do a lot worse than heading over to a legal offshore online sports betting outlet that serves Mississippi residents. For the purposes of this review of the Resorts Casino Tunica sportsbook, our advice is to stick to reputable overseas operators such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI or 5Dimes. Those sites have all withstood the test of time and combine reliability in the long term with faultless security measures and, most importantly for high rollers and casual players alike, some of the most competitive betting odds a sports betting enthusiast is likely to find anywhere.

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