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Mississippi is home to one of America’s largest and busiest casino industries, with several distinct regions offering world-class gaming and resort accommodations. Tunica and Biloxi are both synonymous with gambling fun, and the state has over 30 commercial and tribal casinos in current operation, with more being planned all the time. And with sports wagering already legalized as several MS casinos, the state is looking to cross the billion-dollar tax revenue threshold going forward.

However, though Mississippi casino sites are scattered throughout the state, these venues are still not completely convenient for the majority of MS’ 3 million or so residents. For those living more or less out of reach of an evening of gaming, there are other legal options, however, and MS residents can find these on the Internet at offshore Mississippi casino sites. These sites, like Bovada, BetOnline, and 5Dimes (among a few others) have been offering MS gamblers safe, secure, real-money casino gaming over the Internet for decades, and – as MS currently does not allow any of its land-based casino operators to conduct online casino gaming – these overseas sites remain the way to go.

Even better, all the biggest, best offshore casino operators that serve Mississippi customers also have mobile-based platforms that allow their members to bet on-the-go, no matter where in MS or the rest of the United States they happen to be. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Galaxy handset, Galaxy tablet, or other Android device (even including the popular Kindle Fire), you can access and use the Bovada, BetOnline, and 5Dimes mobile portals for convenient, efficient casino gaming 24/7/365.

Is Online Mississippi Casino Gaming Legal?

One of the most pressing questions that MS residents have about casino gaming in the state is whether or not online casino gambling is legal or not. Many states – like MS’ main gambling competitors in Nevada and New Jersey – have laws in place that allow their casinos the ability to offer branded online components that are operated by the casinos themselves, opening up wagering access to anyone physically inside the state. In this day of mobile computing where everyone has an iPhone or an Android phone and a persistent Internet connection, it only makes sense to maximize the industry’s reach by putting these tools to good use.

That said, Mississippi has not yet allowed its casinos to offer similar services, leaving hundreds of thousands of potential domestic customers in the lurch when it comes to convenient, state-of-the-art casino gambling. After all, folks expect to be able to access legal services – all legal services – via their smartphones and tablets, and until MS gets on board and explicitly makes mobile casino gambling legal, the demand will have to be met via other avenues. That, of course, is where legal offshore casino sites come in, and it’s why services like Bovada, BetOnline, and the other top providers boast huge numbers of MS resident customers.

Mississippi Casino Laws

Interestingly, the words “Internet” and “online” are nowhere to be found in Mississippi’s casino laws, which you can search for yourself. Just look for § 97-33-1 et seq. and § 87-1-1 et seq. of the Mississippi Code at this hub (via LexisNexis).

As you can see, Internet-based gambling and casino gaming are not discussed in any capacity. However, you can assume that – at this time – casino operators in MS are not legally allowed to offer online books. Even though the laws make no mention of the Internet or online gaming, the reality is that MS gambling law is sufficient to prevent casinos from offering such services, as doing so would cause their land-based casino licenses to be revoked. And as the law explicitly requires such vendors to be licensed, mobile casino gambling at MS establishments is decidedly off-limits.

However, MS law can only apply to casinos in MS, and the state law has no bearing on the operations of overseas online casinos and mobile casino gaming services. Since sites like Bovada, BetOnline, 5Dimes, and others all operate outside of Mississippi and US jurisdiction, they are 100% within their rights to accept MS residents as customers. Further, since MS and US laws don’t actually make it illegal for individual casino gamblers to place wagers (as they only go after those commercial outfits that offer these services without licenses), not a single law is broken whenever someone from Mississippi wants to use their iPhone or Android device to place a bet or play a casino or poker game at one of these overseas sites.

Best Casinos In Tunica Resorts

The best casinos in Tunica Resorts, Mississippi, are all fairly famous, with highlights being the Gold Strike Casino Resort by MGM, Harrah’s Casino Tunica by Caesars Entertainment, and Vici Properties’ Horseshoe Casino Tunica. All three of these flagship destinations have been in operation in Tunica Resorts for many years, and they each see millions of customers annually. Unfortunately, due to MS law, these venues are not able to lawfully offer casino gaming apps to their dedicated patrons.

Of course, even the most dedicated casino customers in Tunica can’t get to the gaming floor every time they want to make a bet, and that’s where online casino gaming comes in. By using an offshore casino site like Bovada et al., MS residents can wager any time day or night by simply pulling out their cell phones or tablets and using the built-in browser to head over to the overseas service provider of their choice.

Mobile casino gaming at these sites matches the best Tunica destinations game-for-game, and payouts are prompt and guaranteed. No online casino can simulate the thrill of gaming in a bona fide resort casino destination, but these services come as close as possible, and they’re excellent for avid gamers who are just too busy to make the trip to Tunica every time they want to play baccarat or hit up the slot machines or enjoy a few rounds of blackjack.

Best Casinos In Biloxi

Biloxi is in the same boat as Tunica when it comes to online casino gaming, and yes, that is a riverboat casino gag. But the reality is no joke: While Biloxi, MS, has one of the finest and most action-packed gambling districts in the US, nowhere on the strip offers official, legal mobile betting. While such is almost certainly coming due to the rollout of sports wagering in the state, the reality remains that even the most famous venues – like MGM’s Beau Rivage, Caesars’ Harrah’s Gulf Coast, and the Seminole Tribe’s world-famous Hard Rock Biloxi – still can’t offer the one feature most avid bettors demand.

Of course, again, online gambling houses – sites like Bovada and BetOnline – come to the rescue, offering an assortment of casino gaming for every kind of Mississippi bettor. Additionally, these sites typically have even more variety than your favorite MS casinos, often hosting literally hundreds of different table games and video slots, all for real-money payouts. If you live in MS and want to go out for a night on the town, nothing beats taking a trip to the strip with your friends. However, if you just want to play for a few minutes here and there as your day drags on, add an online mobile casino to your routine easily, legally, and freely.

Best Mobile Mississippi Casino Apps For iPhone

There are technically no mobile Mississippi casino apps for iPhone. Or rather, there are no official real-money gambling apps available for MS residents on the US App Store. This, of course, is strictly due to Apple’s corporate policies, and until MS explicitly legalizes online casino gaming inside its own borders, there will be no native iPhone apps for MS casino gamers and card players or Mississippi sportsbooks.

That said, each of the offshore casino sites that serve Mississippi residents has a mobile portal that is completely optimized for the small screen of your iPhone or iPad device, allowing you to wager any time you wish, anywhere you have a network connection. These mobile-optimized casino “web apps” run almost like native apps, making your casino gaming experience fast, fluid, and fun for your thumb! In fact, these sites’ casino amusements run so smoothly via iPhone and iPad that most users visit these mobile portals even when they’re lounging at home. There’s just no real reason to fuss about with a bulky computer when you’re carrying your croupier in your pocket.

Best Mobile Mississippi Casino Apps For Android

Like with iPhone and the App Store, there are no actual mobile Mississippi casino apps for Android on Google Play, either. Again, this is due to the fact that Google simply will not allow real-money mobile casino apps for MS residents on its US marketplace until the state formally legalizes the practice.

Fortunately, Android is just as capable an operating system as iOS, and Android users – whether they’re running the latest Samsung Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab or using the cheapest workmanlike Amazon Fire on the market – can also get access to the best-in-class offshore casino sites available.

Hundreds of table games, slot machines, and poker hands await, and more often than not, you’ll find that your membership at these overseas services actually gives you a lot more variety in addition to the unmatched convenience of being able to place your bets and play live casino games no matter where in MS you happen to be.

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