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Tunica Resorts, located in the northern reaches of the Mississippi Delta, is not just some other small farming community. Rising from the seemingly endless rows of cotton fields stand several of the Hospitality State’s most profitable casinos, resorts and hotels, all of which collectively form what is among the most significant gambling centers in the entire United States. Although the gaming industries of other eastern states have eclipsed Mississippi’s own in recent years, the addition of sportsbooks in Tunica might just be the ticket to shifting things back in the Magnolia State’s favor.

Sportsbooks in Tunica Resorts are only just recently coming into existence – and that is because of the US Supreme Court’s momentous May 2018 decision to repeal the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA). As the eighth most successful casino gaming marketplace in America, the fortunes of Mississippi’s Tunica Resorts are sure to go from strength to strength now that the state has passed laws to legalize and regulate sports betting, an industry estimated to be worth between $150 billion and $250 billion annually in the US. However, with so many people coming into town from other states, and from around the country too, it is little wonder that not everyone will be aware of the history of Tunica, which Tunica casinos with legal sportsbooks are open for business, what things to do at Tunica casinos with sportsbooks that don’t involve betting on sports or even the directions to Tunica.

Don’t worry – we are here to help you make the most of your trip down South (or slightly north if you are coming into town from elsewhere in Mississippi or even Florida). Our quick but comprehensive guide to the newly minted sportsbooks in Tunica will give you all the information you need to get started on your sports betting adventure in the Delta.

History Of Tunica

Tunica Resorts – formerly known as Robinsonville – is probably one of the least likely places most people would ever consider high level casino gambling would take place. If it were not because of the precedent set by Las Vegas (literally just some spot picked out at random in the middle of the Nevada desert because it WASN’T close to anyplace else) then it might be hard to imagine how a place like Tunica in particular could become such a prominent gambling destination. However, the history of Tunica Resorts – as the otherwise sleepy farming community of less than 2,000 people came to be called, is filled with such surprises, all of which might be of interest to visitors looking to enjoy the sportsbooks in Tunica now that they are legal and open for business.

It could be reasonably inferred that Tunica Resorts is perhaps the luckiest section of the Mississippi Delta region, and almost anyone who took a drive through the countryside could easily see why. Tunica is much like any other rural community in the northern stretches of the Magnolia State except that, one day in the 1990s – after casino gambling was legalized in the state – somebody evidently thought this was some prime real estate to start up a gaming industry. Whatever the case might be, the wager paid off, as the area experienced explosive profitability almost from the onset, even if there was not exactly much growth there, as the population has remained fairly constant (in the low thousands of people) since the early 20th century.

Once casinos began to be established in Tunica Resorts in 1995, the facilities in the area – when taken as a whole – were for several years into the early 2000s actually the third-most successful industry in the entire country, behind only Las Vegas and Atlantic City in terms of pure profits. While Tunica’s position on the national leaderboard has shifted in that regard, the casinos there remain in the top 10 among all casinos in the US to this day. In fact, only much larger, metropolitan gambling markets like those found in the heavily urbanized state of Connecticut or major cities such as Chicago and Detroit make more money from casino gambling than does Tunica. Only time will tell how sportsbooks in Tunica Resorts may change the standing on the leaderboard once again.

Tunica Casinos With Legal Sportsbooks

As we have already mentioned at length elsewhere in this handy guide, the Tunica casinos with legal sportsbooks are already some of the most popular Class III gaming facilities to be found anywhere in the country, much less in the South and certainly within the state of Mississippi. As of November 2018, there are six (6) Tunica sportsbooks that are open for business, with a few more betting lounges expected to open in the future. These Mississippi sportsbooks are just the first wave of sports betting shops that will no doubt soon start popping up all over the Magnolia State and indeed the whole nation in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s majority decision to overturn PASPA. The federal law that had banned 46 of 50 states from legalizing sports betting for the better part of quarter of century is now dead and buried, however, opening up room for sportsbooks in Tunica to take the Hospitality State back into the dominant position that it once enjoyed among gambling markets in the eastern half of the country.

All the casinos with sportsbooks listed below offer top notch wagering experiences in their own right, though they all have their own idiosyncrasies and comparative strengths and weaknesses. Check out our more detailed reviews of each the Tunica casinos with legal sportsbooks below to get a better grasp of what each of these industry leaders brings to the table – and the sports betting scene.

Things To Do At Tunica Casinos With Sportsbooks

Visitors to Tunica will not find themselves enduring a boring time while in town for the gambling action. Whether or not your primary purpose hitting the road for this Deep South gambling mecca is to place wagers on your favorite teams, athletes and sporting events, the truth is that Tunica Resorts really does have something for everyone, no matter what their age or interest. There are plenty of things to do at Tunica casinos with sportsbooks, from the area’s best (and biggest) poker rooms – which attract major tournaments such as annual World Series of Poker events and so on – to thousands of slot machines, table games and opportunities to play classic card games in classy to kitschy casino settings.

Furthermore, if you are done gambling for the day and want to fill up your spare time with some other fun activities, then Tunica Resorts has much to offer in that regard as well. Resort Casinos like the 1st Jackpot Casino feature the nationally famous Bar Stage, which has hosted numerous blues artists of much renown over the years, while evenings can be passed in snazzy elegance at the Red Door nightclub of the Gold Strike Casino (owned and operated by MGM Resorts International). Guests that fancy themselves golfing enthusiasts can try swinging a club or several at the championship caliber River Bend Links golf course. The more gastronomically inclined guests in your party are sure to enjoy a fine dining experience without equal in all of northern Mississippi thanks to the presence of award winning restaurants such as old stalwarts like the Chicago Steakhouse or Jack Binion’s Steak as much as new additions like the popular Lucky 8 Asian Bistro.

Just because you most likely came to town to play cards or bet on sports, there is simply no reason why you can’t catch a show, enjoy a fantastic meal, go for a hike in the rustic scenery, get in some shopping at any number of haute couture boutiques or even get pampered in the hotel spa. The point is, even if the big draw of the Mississippi sportsbooks in Tunica and their accompanying casinos is the betting action, there are still plenty of other things to do that are very much worth your time while on vacation in the Delta.

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