Review Of The Boomtown Casino Biloxi Sportsbook

One of the most popular spots on the Gulf Coast to place bets of all kinds is the Boomtown Casino Biloxi, billed as “The Original Locals Casino.” This location, which is the subject of our review of the Boomtown Casino Biloxi sportsbook, is actually well known to Gulf Coast residents of the Magnolia State and visitors to the so-called “Riviera of the Southland” alike and makes a fantastic addition to the rapidly growing collection of Mississippi sportsbooks. Over the course of this concise but fairly comprehensive review of the Boomtown sportsbook, we will take a look at several topics that should be of keen interest for veteran sports bettors and newcomers to the hobby alike.

Don’t make the mistake of visiting Biloxi without first checking out our review of the Boomtown Casino Biloxi sportsbook: if you do take a look at what we have to say on the topic you will save yourself a major headache trying to figure out all the ins and outs of Mississippi sportsbooks on your own. We will take a close look at the location of the sportsbook at the Boomtown Casino Biloxi, the kinds of bets that are available, the sports you can bet on, and finally, whether you can use your mobile device or a proxy betting service to bet on sports.

Is The Boomtown Casino Biloxi Open For Business?

The sportsbook at Boomtown Casino Biloxi is open for business, officially launching on August 17th, 2018. It was part of the second wave of Mississippi sportsbooks that began accepting sports bets. When you visit the sportsbook at Boomtown you are in for an exciting sports wagering experience from the moment you walk in. Unlike other casinos in the area, the sportsbook at Boomtown is in its permanent location. Right off of the parking lot, the book is located on the first floor across from the noodle bar. The relaxed book has 30 large screen TVs so that patrons can always catch the latest games. In the future, the sportsbook will offer promotions and comp points for sports wagers. This is something that offshore sportsbooks like Bovada essentially already provide, with their huge bonuses and free bets.

Does The Boomtown Casino Biloxi Sportsbook Offer Full Service Betting?

One of the most common terms you will see bandied about if you stay in the sports betting scene long enough is “full-service betting,” which basically means that the sportsbook claiming to be “full service” offers all the typical wagering options in terms of bet types as well as offering action on all the major sports that fans nationwide love to follow. We can confidently say within our review of the Boomtown Casino Biloxi sportsbook that the venue offers a full wagering menu with all of the most popular sports.

Mississippi’s state laws legalizing sports betting allows sportsbook operators to offer action on all major sports (including the NBA, MLB, NBA, and NHL) as well as the US PGA Tour and auto racing series from NASCAR to the Formula 1 Championship. Additionally, all collegiate sports will also be eligible for betting, which is a huge consideration, being that college football is practically the secular state religion in the South. All of the typical bet types you would expect – moneylines, against the spread (ATS) odds, over/under totals betting odds, teasers, pleasers, parlays, single-game odds, season-long odds, special lines, player and team props and so on – can be found on the betting boards at the Boomtown sportsbook.

Can You Place Wagers On Sports Using Your Mobile Device?

Among the very few downsides to Mississippi’s sports betting law and its sports betting regulation is that there is not much of a provision for expansive mobile sports betting presence in the Magnolia State. This was a conscious choice on the part of the state’s lawmakers, who wanted to pass sports betting reforms in 2017 as quietly as possible – and, when seen through these lens, it becomes abundantly clear that this was a brilliant move on the part of state legislators. It is due to shrewd moves like this that we can even be presenting this review of the Boomtown Casino Biloxi sportsbook: many other states tried and failed to pass laws legalizing sports betting in the run-up to the SCOTUS justices’ decision to overturn PASPA.

If the sportsbook at Biloxi does launch a mobile app, you will have to be inside the main building in order to place a bet. That means you cannot be outside in the parking lot and still use your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet to place wagers on your favorite sports, teams, players and events. However, we do not expect this particular feature of the law to remain in place indefinitely, as there is quietly frankly simply too much money to be made from the rapidly expanding mobile gambling market in general.

Does The Boomtown Casino Biloxi Accept Proxy Betting?

Proxy betting services, which do a good deal of business in gambling meccas like Las Vegas, may or may not be allowed in Mississippi, but there is no way to know for sure at this point, as the legislature and the sports betting regulators there have not issued any definitive statement on the subject. That means that we cannot, in this review of the Boomtown Casino Biloxi sportsbook, declare with any degree of certainty that the sportsbook will accept proxy betting on its floor. Proxy betting basically exists as a way to allow out of state sports bettors to place bets where doing so is allowed without technically violating the prohibitions on interstate sports betting by the Federal Wire Act of 1961. Because this law is still in effect, it would be wise for our readers to take heed: we advise that you steer clear of proxy betting services until we know for sure what the state will allow at the newly minted Mississippi sportsbooks.

How Much Will A Trip To The Sportsbook At Boomtown Casino Cost?

If you want to spend a weekend at the Boomtown Casino Biloxi, keep in mind that you will have to make outside hotel arrangements. As Biloxi is a huge gambling town, there are plenty of hotels to choose from that start at reasonable rates of $70 and up. There are not currently any preferred hotel providers, but some of the closest hotels to Boomtown are the IP Casino Resort Spa, Golden Nugget Biloxi, and the Beau Rivage – all of which also house casinos. With affordable hotel prices and plenty of amenities, you can focus on spending your money at the sportsbook rather than accommodations.

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